Pringles Stack Shack

In celebration of Pringles, the beloved chip with an iconic shape and flavors that fans love to stack, TH teamed up with Edelman and Krispr to design, develop and produce a three-day pop-up, encouraging participants to taste their way through a custom Stackateria, showcasing a variety of Pringles flavors. Situated in a storefront space on Broadway in Times Square, the façade of the venue was reimagined as the top of Pringles Can, spanning 12’ in diameter and providing a unique entryway experience for attendees. Upon entering, fans were welcomed over to a Pringles Tasting Station, featuring an array of oversized Pringle cans acting as individual dispensers for each flavor. Participants were encouraged to stack and taste a variety of flavor combinations in an effort to find their own unique Pringles stack. Once they chose their top three flavors, guests could create and name their own custom can to carry home as a takeaway and share it across social media.