TH partnered with Nationwide to capitalize on the success of their latest commercial featuring Peyton Manning and a Chicken Parmesan Sandwich. Together, TH and Nationwide developed an event bent on generating excitement around the brand and capturing unique content created by Bronco’s fans. TH secured and fabricated a branded food truck to serve warm chicken parm sandwiches and encouraged consumers to interact with a branded backdrop and sing their own version of the Nationwide jingle. Consumer jingles were captured on video and played back in real time so guests could relish in their fandom for the brand and Peyton. Branded t-shirts were also distributed to attendees that utilized the custom hash tag #ChickenParmYouTasteSoGood, incentivizing fans to share their experience socially.

1 activation day
83,300+ visual impressions
22,700,000+ social media impressions
29,860+ total reach
3,000 chicken parms sandwiches distributed