To showcase IBM’s cognitive computing system, TH partnered with Ogilvy and IBM to create the Cognitive IBM Food Truck, a revolutionary culinary experience that delivered inventive and flavorful dishes to consumers through IBM’s advanced new technology. Known as “Computational Creativity,” the cooking system mimics human taste buds by reasoning quintillions of possible flavors to predict the most pleasant and surprising combinations. Traveling from the floor of the MGM Grand at IBM’s annual Pulse Conference in Las Vegas to the streets of Austin for SXSW, the technology and food dished up by Michelin-starred chefs made for an innovative and unexpected take on food, generating a ton of buzz and impact for the brand and its new system.

5 activation days
55,000 attendees
233,280 on-the-road impressions
4,500 Instagram photos using the #IBMFoodTruck
500+ portions served per day