Brahmin 35th Anniversary

TH Productions partnered with Brahmin Leather Works to celebrate the brand’s 35th anniversary in New York City. We hosted a private press event for editors and special guests at 201 Mulberry Street in SoHo, giving guests an exclusive first look at Brahmin’s 35th Anniversary collection and leaving them with a lasting impression of the brand. TH procured and designed every element of the event where Brahmin’s hero products, leather goods, unique factory materials and imagery were featured in varying custom installations. This included a 20 foot product display creating a hallway of suspended leather bags, an undulated ceiling of ninety Brahmin paper bag prototypes and a custom designed ten by twenty-two foot striped leather wall. Each element and decor touches were made by hand selected materials from Brahmin’s vast variety of leather textures and dyes. Attendees left understanding the art behind Brahmin’s superior product.